LEAD NC has been privileged to work with a new generation of progressive leaders from all across our state. Here are some things our alumni have had to say about our training programs. 

DeAndrea Salvador

North Carolina State Senator, District 39

I had to make the decision to run really quickly because of the timeline around redistricting.  I had two weeks from when the maps came out to sign up to run.  Making the decision with very little runway meant that the support of LEAD NC was extremely helpful to me in building the foundation for my campaign. 

The Get Elected training walked me through the keys points of being a candidate. I was able to directly use the training around campaign staff to identify and hire a strong campaign manager. LEAD also talked me through the nuances of raising money for a political campaign.

After I won, LEAD was with me again to discuss governance.  Through the Ready to Govern training I learned I was a bridge-builder and policy wonk. Knowing what my assets are helped me be able to come in and have some wins from the beginning.

In the pivotal moments where I was stepping into something new, it was great to have a partner like LEAD NC walking step by step with me.

"I loved running for office, but some parts of politics are ugly. One of the things I love about the LEAD trainings is that they encourage you to come from your heart and your inspiration. It makes the tough parts actually good."
Kim Bost
NC House District 29
"If you are considering running for office in North Carolina, I highly recommend you begin your journey with LEAD NC. The tools that you will gain from this experience can be a game changer in your overall success."
Jessica Davis
Charlotte City Council
"Lead NC is the premier training for NC candidates thinking about running for office. It is a must first step."
Aimy Steele
NC House District 82

As a candidate for public office, it can be tough to find answers to questions—or to even know what questions to ask. LEAD NC serves as an invaluable resource, providing opportunities for progressive candidates to learn from some of the best political minds in the state. Developing candidates who are better equipped to run, directly results in leaders who are better equipped to lead."

- Chaz Beasley
Former NC State Representative